Project on Ethnic Relations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Project on Ethnic Relations (PER) organized two meetings on the subject of civil rights in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with leaders of the Serbian democratic opposition parties and the Vojvodina minorities: in Vienna, on September 23-25, 1999, and in Athens, on February 14-15, 2000. The Vienna meeting had failed to produce a unified position – the Serbian Renewal Movement, a major opposition party led by Vuk Draskovic, agreed on the restoration of regional autonomy but would not endorse ethnic self-government. But at the second round in Athens, the parties crafted a document to which all the parties subscribed. It includes a proposal to create national councils to represent ethnic minorities at all state levels.

Project on Ethnic Relations

Project on Ethnic Relations – Mr. Tahir Hasanovic, Secretary General, New Democratic Party, was one of the participants in Vienna and Athens (click on photo for enlarged image)