Tahir Hasanovic Successfully Leading Security Consultancy & Partners International in Serbia

SCP International i Americka komora u Srbiji

Proslava godišnjice SCP International u suorganizaciji sa Američkom privrednom komorom (AmCham)

Security Consultancy and Partners International (SCP) illustrates the outstanding potential of the fast-growing Serbian economy. Certified ISO 9001:2000 since 2005 and also certified by TUV Management Gmbh, SCP doubled its turnover to reach €3.6 million in turnover in 2006.

SCP provides a full range of security services, including personal protection and asset security, secure transport of assets and valuables, electronic protection, fire protection, staff training and security consulting.

Employing the latest technologies, state-of-the art equipment, stringent staff screening and state of the art training programs, SCP offers the kind of world-class security services that international companies and executives require. It is . the only company in its sector to be a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, which is the reflection of the company’s international perspective.

The Belgrade-based company is now present in over 45 cities in Serbia. Its client list includes visiting and local VIPs, banks, embassies, leading local and international companies, factories, sports institutions among others.

Tahir Hasanovic

Tahir Hasanovic: “Investors can double their turnover in Serbia, and SCP International is a living proof. ”

Tahir Hasanovic, SCP’s president, is a trained physicist who saw opportunities in the security sector in Serbia. He attributes his company’s success to hard work, high-quality staff, professional standards and customer service. Now ranked among Serbia’s top three companies in its sector, SCP believes in its slogan, “Security is a privilege“.

Mr Hasanovic is an enthusiastic supporter of Serbia and urges UK companies to follow the example of other international firms and investigate investment opportunities in his country. “Serbia is a crossroad and a leader in the region, and is quickly adopting EU standards in every aspect of the business environment,” he points out, adding, “International partners are essential for Serbia, and Serbia is very open to new partners and new markets. It offers a transparent and free open market.”

Citing the country’s many strong points, Mr Hasanovic believes that Serbia’s young people are its most important asset, and he favors increased investment in nfrastructure, energetic complex and education for the continuous development of the economy, “There are hugh potentials and good profits in investments for education,” he adds.

To UK investors, Mr Hasanovic concludes, “Foreign investors should not hesitate to come to Serbia. You can double your turnover in Serbia, and SCP International is living proof. We are doubling our turnover every year!“