PHT International promoting high technologies

Experts say for Serbia that it is a great potential market for telecommunications, especially mobile telecommunications, and that further expansion is yet to be seen. Those estimates look absolutely realistic given the fact that in this moment Serbia has over 5 million users of mobile phones and its three licensed operating companies are looking strong. Only recently, Telekom Serbia announced that they will be introducing the third generation of mobile telecommunications; Telenor paid 1.5 billion euros for the purchase of Mobi 63, while Mobilkom Austria paid 320 million euros in order to become the third licensed mobile operator. Massive increase of the prepaid users imposed the need for upgrading the existing system of account recharging. Soon instead of recharging the credit by recharge cards a more modern system of electronic recharge will be introduced, accessible to a greater number of users.

Tahir Hasanovic, PHT International promoting high technologies

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In establishing the new system a very important role was played by the PHT International company that launched on the Serbian market a terminal named M-POS DT 50, used for prepaid recharge of the mobile phones through GPRS net. The company points out that it has launched over 8.500 of these terminals throughout the market in collaboration with 17 distributors. Through these terminals it will be possible to recharge the accounts of mobile phones of both existing networks – Telekom Serbia (064 and 065) and Telenor (062 and 063). PHP International rightly expects that this new charging system will also be extended to the third mobile operator (Mobilkom Austria) as soon as it establishes the network. PHT is also very satisfied with the investment turnout that reached 3.5 million euros, which in Serbian circumstances represents a considerable business achievement. The executive director of PHT International Djordje Puhalo points out that this project has been carried out in cooperation with a Bulgarian company, Datex, one of the leading European com¬panies in production of fiscal instruments and GPRS terminals. A big advantage of Datex is their prompt reaction to the requirements of the modem telecommu¬nication technologies, says Puhalo, and adds that their biggest advantage is more than 700.000 pay points in Eastern Europe.

PHT International also works on the implementation of another significant technological project – establishing National LBS (Location Based Services) centre that will enable digital card coverage in Serbia, Bulgaria and numerous European countries. In PHT International they say that LBS project represents a centre for the satellite tracking of vehicles throughout the country as well as in Europe.

Expansion of the electronic banking in Serbia opens a space for intensive activities of this company in the projects of RFID cards (electronic cash card) with their own GPRS/RFID pay terminals. This project will be implemented in col-laboration with PHT’s strategic partners such as MTS Telekom Serbia and Datex, Sofia. PHT International is already working together with Datex on introducing a variety of the most modern GPRS devices for various applications in transportation sector. These large companies highly significant both in domestic and international arena of hi-tech industry recognized the infinite business opportunities and potentials that cooperation with PHT International could offer.

President of the Administrative. Board of PHT International Mr. Tahir Hasanovic points out that his company is a competitive part¬ner on the market and that their development strategy relies on application of GPS, GPRS and 3G systems of telecom-munications in banking, trans-portation, trade, energy and other markets. According to Mr. Hasanovic, PHT International will dedicate special attention to the development and implementation of GPRS pay terminals. Besides recharging mobile pre-paid accounts these stationary multiuse terminals will also offer the possibility of paying utility bills, such as electricity, gas, water, fix phones, internet and other services payments in cash or by cash cards. Soon, thanks to the development plans of PHT International, „bankomat“ model will be improved in order to enable many other services that will be available on numerous pay point locations, all without stress and queuing.